UACC operates the following aircraft

  • Lockheed Hercules L382G (C130) cargo aircraft
  • Y12IV aircraft (Light passenger vessel)

Hercules L382 aircraft loading specifications

Hercules capabilities:

  • 48,000 pound payload with up to 6,057 cubic feet of cargo volume
  • Accommodates standard 88″ x 108″ pallets or containers, plus belly compartments and a ramp container; mixes of 10, 20, 30 and 40-foot long 8-foot x 8-foot cross-section intermodal containers up to 54 feet long
  • Oversized shipments up to 54 feet long, 10 feet wide and 9 feet high
  • Straight-in loading through rear cargo ramp door
  • Truck-bed height loading; ramp is adjustable to any position
  • Drive-on, drive-off loading for vehicles and heavy equipment (rolling stock)
  • Self-contained auxiliary power; minimum ground support required for aircraft systems, offloading, and on loading
  • Self-contained winch for loading/unloading cargo
  • Short and unpaved runway takeoff and landing
  • Can operate on runways/taxiways as narrow as 75 feet
  • Aircraft maneuvering and overall size enables loading on limited ramp space such as “hot pads” for hazardous materials