We offer a wide range of aircraft to airlift cargo ranging from small sized to heavy, dangerous cargo and outsized consignments globally.

Our fleet of Hercules aircraft are ideally suited for air cargo charters propel project works in remote locations, flying parts for urgent repairs or oversized equipment movement. Our L382 –G aircraft have the ability to land and takeoff on short runways, paved, unpaved and grass runways hence making it suitable for operations in remote areas in Africa and beyond.

Our Hercules L382 aircraft have the ability to carry up to 48000 pounds (LB) of palletized or break bulk freight, 10 x 20 Ft containers can be loaded.

Container Loading in C-130. 10×20 Ft

Our L382 Hercules (C130) aircraft can meet a wide range of customer requirements coupled with our professional crew and ground staff to handle any type of operation ranging from small to the most complex. We look forward to accommodating your most challenging assignment.

Hercules L382 aircraft loading specifications

Hercules capabilities:

  • 48,000 pound payload with up to 6,057 cubic feet of cargo volume
  • Accommodates standard 88″ x 108″ pallets or containers, plus belly compartments and a ramp container; mixes of 10, 20, 30 and 40-foot long 8-foot x 8-foot cross-section intermodal containers up to 54 feet long
  • Oversized shipments up to 54 feet long, 10 feet wide and 9 feet high
  • Straight-in loading through rear cargo ramp door
  • Truck-bed height loading; ramp is adjustable to any position
  • Drive-on, drive-off loading for vehicles and heavy equipment (rolling stock)
  • Self-contained auxiliary power; minimum ground support required for aircraft systems, offloading, and on loading
  • Self-contained winch for loading/unloading cargo
  • Aircraft can back up under its own power
  • Short and unpaved runway takeoff and landing
  • Can operate on runways/taxiways as narrow as 75 feet
  • Aircraft maneuvering and overall size enables loading on limited ramp space such as “hot pads” for hazardous materials