We will recruit and develop a well trained workforce in which job competence, performance, succession and stability are the priority objectives.


Our customers are our greatest passion and customer satisfaction is the yardstick against our company’s performance. All spheres will be measured to exceed our customer (client) expectations and will be a commitment shared by every person in the company.


The safety of our customers and staff is pre-eminent in every decision and every action we take.


Team Work

We respect each other as individuals. We work as a team and support each other for the greater good of the organization.


We are committed to ceaseless innovation and addressing client needs and we will continuously develop processes to produce a wide variety of quality services.


Our integrity will be displayed to our customers, suppliers, employees, government and to the environment.


As a Corporate citizen, Uganda Air Cargo Corporation is committed to discharging all its responsibilities in dealing with all the stakeholders.


We will provide a safe and positive work environment for our employees. Openness, two way communication, personal development, trust, and recognition of achievements will be fostered to achieve our mission.